Law of Attraction

Manifest your life.  Your way.


I am certified as both a “Advanced Law of Attraction” and “Law of Attraction – Wealth” practitioner. In addition I have spent decades , and thousands of dollars studying, in particular,  Abraham Hicks, and many other leading Law of Attraction mentors Including some from “The Secret”.

As I move to the next level, I have become a “deep diving student” of Neville Goddard. His teachings take you beyond the Law of Attraction to a new understanding of how to create the life you want. He is, for me, the most important step in my personal journey.

I recognize that I needed the traditional Law of Attraction teachings to prepare me for Neville, and I am excited and thrilled to share his teachings with you.  (and if you too want to dive deep I can introduce you to MY mentor and all he has to offer! He’s incredible.)

If you want to work with the Law of Attraction I  can absolutely help you.  If you want to go beyond, to a new understanding, I would love to share the Neville teachings with you! 

Bring Your Dreams – Into Reality

  • Discover how to create the exact vision you desire
  • Activate your hidden power to manifest
  • Learn how to visualize it – the proper way – to make it real
  • Discover the power of “state” and the role it plays
  • Ride out the contrast
  • Celebrate your success!

My Own Personal Journey – A Perpetual Seeker

  • Certified Advanced Law of Attraction & Law of Attraction Wealth Coaching
  • “Vibration Activation”, “Neville Goddard” even “Bashar”
  • Decades of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, NLP, and others.
  • Business LOA coaching with the top business LOA mentors
  • Traditional mentors including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley
  • Certified in FasterEFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting

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