Been watching all those ten minute miracles on You Tube?

Wondering just how fast you can change?

It IS possible to clear a single traumatic event in a session or two,  and that specific memory will be re-framed.  Yet belief systems, life patterns and attitudes are built on many many specific memories, some which you don’t even remember.

Certain things are more open to resolving quickly.  For examples, some phobias.  That’s why Robert Smith chooses so many phobias and fears to clear in his videos.  As my own mentor says, no one is going to put up a 2 hour video that resolves one thing….  the sessions that are uploaded are the ones that produced major, quick successes.

Some Background Information on Traumas, Memories and Belief Systems:

There are two types of Traumas, the BIG T and the Little T.

The BIG T has 4 unique components, and all must be there to be considered a “Big Trauma”

Unexpected – it happened as a complete surprise and shock

Dramatic – the best way to describe it – it was very dramatic

Isolating – You felt totally alone

No Strategy – You could see no way out

As we heal the Big T, we remove several of the factors. Re-framing these components will create a sense of resolution to the event, and very likely, a sense of peace going forward. This often can happen in a single session

Little T’s are those traumas that build up over time, as the result of many isolated events.  For example  – you feel ignored and rejected. It’s part of who you believe you are.   It can be the result of many small events in your life, some which repeat often. 

Some possible scenarios for this feeling of being ignored and rejected

  1.   Mom is too busy for you and pushes you away when you want to show her your new drawing
  2.   You go to school and the teacher doesn’t call on you when your hand is raised and you are so excited to have the answer.
  3.  Your friends go to the movies without inviting you.
  4.  The new puppy is more interested in your children than in playing with you
  5.  Someone else wins the door prize, even though you bought a dozen tickets
  6.  You go to a party and everyone is talking to someone but you’re standing there alone by the punch bowl.

These events create the belief system  “I am ignored and rejected” that  you operate from today. As you can see, these events are unique, individual, and each provides the “proof” that supports the belief that you are ignored and rejected – therefore each needs to be cleared.   This will take time to work on!  You’ll feel better as you clear the individual items but the overall belief system may remain until you clear them all.

Please keep in mind, as you work alone or with a practitioner, most of these beliefs did not just happen overnight, they took time to prove and establish.   It will take time to release them. Stick with it, do not stop just short of the miracle!

Most importantly though, remember:


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