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I bring a personal one on one approach to every client.


About me…

It’s always hard, to share my story in such a public way.  So many issues and memories, so much baggage that’s been cleared and I want to honor the privacy of those who have played their role in helping me to grow. (Even if it was by triggering me in what seemed like a negative way)

I’ve spent most of my life in an environment of doubt, coupled with the mindset of “the world is out to get us”.  I’ve let that tone, set by others, hold me back – until I simply “gave up”…and stayed stuck for decades! The truth is, rather than stand up for my own dreams, I chose to play the victim card at a professional level! Poor me!!  (I am so glad those days are over!)

I’ve experienced loss – from my brother at age 8 (I was 10) to my mom when I was 22, and several miscarriages. I’ve experienced both the pain of infertility (and it’s “treatment”) and the joys of giving birth to two amazing sons.

Like you, I’ve had both victories and setbacks.  And moments of confusing and inexplicable self-sabotage.

Thankfully, I have risen far above the depressed, apathetic woman I was only 6 years ago. I worked my way through it all with the help of some fabulous mentors, coaches and practitioners, and a ton of personal effort.

I’ve learned the importance of mindset – I now realize that as I learn and grow I will constantly need mindset shifts. After all, when you reach a new level it’s natural to want to reach higher still – and that requires a new mindset!

Because of my own experience, I am a compassionate listener. My clients have accused me of being “psychic”, of “having a knack” or being “a natural” in helping them identify and release what’s holding them back.

The greatest gift my first “business” coach gave to me was believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. His generous spirit, taught me the importance of finding the very best in my clients and holding that vision for them until they are able to see it for themselves!

It’s no surprise that my “Gene Key” personality profile listed “Helping others see themselves in a new way” as my life’s purpose!

Digs out the blocks!

Most of my life I have ‘felt’ that something was holding me back and when I found Faster EFT I just knew it would help to rid me of my blockages.

I was recommended Marianne and am glad I reached out to her for our initial consult.  From the start, I could ‘feel’ that she sincerely cared and would help.  Through her attention to details, questions, and insights, I knew that she was very thorough and would dig out the blockages.

This morning (after initial consult) I felt light, optimistic and with no anxiety as I knew she ‘had my back’.  I booked my first 2-hour session with her immediately and cannot wait to start digging all the crud that I have stored a dragged with me for 62 years now.




Thank You!

” When the receiver is ready, the gift appears “,  or something close to that sentiment.  I thought of the gift you are, have been and have given me,  of yourself, your time, your faith in me, your encouragement, your reminding me of my own gifts and who i am and have been, and of possibilities. thank you so much, dear wonderful, kind, marianne!

Again, i will keep you with me, in my heart and prayers. much love, joy, strength, dana

Like a Surgeon!

When it comes to finding & clearing mental blocks

– Marianne Strait is a SURGEON!


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